Find Your Voice Through Digital Transformation

For many businesses, voice calls are seen as an inevitable outgoing – hard to contain and made worse by mobile workforces and remote-working. Expect ensures that your business is able to monitor and review your voice solution easily, ensuring that it’s not just a cost, but a flexible business tool that helps drive your business growth. We have access to a wide portfolio of business phone lines with a broad international coverage now extended to more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Fixed Lines and Calls – we offer competitive line rental and call rates with tariffs designed specifically for your business needs. With easy administration and reporting, allied to a friendly and knowledgeable support team, our solutions give businesses an improved administration of their account which leads to cost-effective management of voice traffic.

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol is a communications ‘standard’ that has become universally adopted for business communications and SIP Trunking uses this standard to allow VoIP calls to be made across a data network, to and from traditional phone lines. This provides you with far greater flexibility and scalability than traditional ISDN circuits as well as significantly reducing line rental and on-going call charges.

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol uses the internet to carry your voice calls instead of traditional telephone networks, enabling businesses to realise cost savings and optimise the use of their telephony systems. Whether it’s a local IP PBX or a hosted VoIP solution that suits you, Expect can guarantee cutting your call costs as well as delivering greater efficiency to the business through workable solutions for your workforce.

Cloud UC – this is a flexible and scalable, fully managed, cloud-based one stop shop solution that is comprised of IP Telephony and Unified Communications.

Audio & WebEx Conference Call Services – audio conference call services enable teams to collaborate from anywhere in the world reducing travel costs and increasing both employee productivity and satisfaction.

IN Services – this is a managed portfolio of inbound voice services that provide our customer’s callers with an improved user experience, whilst maximising the performance of the customer’s call centre. Freephone & Premium Rate Business Phone Numbers | Contact Centre Solutions |Voice On Demand

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Louise Boddy

Louise Boddy

Sales & Marketing Manager